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About our name.

ERIC is a four-letter acronym for Execute, Run, Invoke and Call. These four words are a call to action. They share the same basic meaning: do something.

About our goal.

Distribute your finished Java application as an executable program on Linux and Microsoft Windows. With the eric tool, you can support

  • CD-ROM distribution, where your customer can skip installation,
  • Erica distribution, where packages are downloaded ahead of time to a local cache,
  • web distribution, where packages are downloaded as needed by the running application, and
  • classic distribution, where every Java package is installed on your customer's local drive (or file server).

About our software license.

Our software license is GNU General Public License (GPL). This project is an open-source and free-license software project.



  • Eric Download - Products of the ERIC Project.


  • Eric Customize
  • Eric Design - Distribute mostly-bytecode applications.
  • Eric Edition - A release may have one or more editions.
  • Eric Install - Installation procedures.
  • Eric Member List
  • Eric Project
  • Eric Project Summary - Mission.
  • Eric Property - A complete list of properties.
    • Eric And Classpath - The classpath property dynamically creates java.class.path.
    • Eric And Codebase - codebase property is explained.
    • Eric And Current Version - The currentversion property controls the version of Java when multiple versions are installed.
    • Eric And Debug - The debug property controls the display of additional messages.
    • Eric And Java Home - javahome property is explained.
    • Eric And Kick - The kick property controls the use of the Java Native Interface (JNI).
    • Eric And Location - location property is explained.
    • Eric And Path - The path property is for package files.
    • Eric And Runtime Library - runtimelibrary property is explained.
    • Eric And Shell - shell property is explained.
    • Eric And Shortcut - The shortcut property loads properties from a file.
    • Eric And Show - The show property controls the display of the Java command line.
    • Eric And Startup - startup property is explained.

  • Eric Release
  • Eric Release Guide
  • Eric Release Procedure
  • Eric Shortcut - Explains a shortcut file.
  • Eric Start - How to distribute your application.
  • Eric And Options
  • Eric And Linux
  • Eric And Windows
  • Diff Command
  • Eric Website Maintenance
  • Eric One Eff
  • Eric One Gee
  • Bytecode Asa Resource
  • Bytecode Factory
  • Eric For Windows Special Edition
  • Eric Os
  • Eric And Cpp Defines - A list of compile-time options.
  • Eric And Borland Cpp Builder - Using Borland C++Builder to compile the eric tool for Microsoft Windows.
  • Eric And Ant - Using Ant+CppTasks to compile the eric tool for Linux and Microsoft Windows.


  • Soho Utility
  • Erica Utility
  • Deric Utility
  • Codebase Tool


  • Cpp Base Program
  • Cpp Zerich

Project notes

  • Cjos And Eric
  • Cjos And Eric One Dee