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XML Variant Configuration Language (XVCL)

A XML-based language for maintaining source code for similar products, as in a product line. Unlike a language-specific preprocessor, XVCL is independent of programming language (HTML,XML,Java,COBOL). Like a language-specific pre-processor, generation-time variables determine what the source code is generated by the XVCL Processor.

See also pre-processor.




  • Java Frame - An open source x-framework for generating Java source code.
  • Release Frame - An open source x-framework for creating a release.
  • Xvcl Version - Information about versions of the XVCL Processor.
  • Xvcl Tags - Quick reference for XVCL tags.
  • Xvcl Program
  • Xvcl Resource - Resources found inside xvcl.jar.
  • Xvcl Ant Task - Running XVCL Processor 2.07 (1h) from an Ant script.
  • Xvcl And Ant Task - Running XVCL Processor 3.2.1 from an Ant script.
  • Xvcl And Ant - Running XVCL Processor 2.07 from an Ant script.
  • Xvcl And Java Preprocessor
  • Xvcl Build - Building an XVCL frame processor using Ant.
  • Xvcl Transform - Transform the XVCL Processor into an Ant-compatible task.
  • Xvcl Example Spc - An example of a high-level specification frame.
  • Xvcl Example Frame - An example of a frame.
  • Xvcl From Java Source Code - Converting from Java source code to XVCL with java2xvcl.
  • Xvcl And Property Tag - Proposal for property tag; exploring how a tag is defined and parsed.
  • Xvcl And While - Exploring the while construct.
  • Xvcl And Number - Proposal for the set tag; exploring how a value attribute is interpreted.
  • Xvcl And Static - Supporting multiple instances of XVCLProcessor.
  • Xvcl And Variable - Set a variable from an Ant script.
  • Xvcl And Test - Testing the XVCL Processor.
  • Xvcl And Processor Factory - Experimenting with a processor factory.
  • Xvcl And Emit Cache - Experimenting with preserveTimestamp=true.
  • Xvcl And Samelevel - Experimenting with samelevel=true.


  • Xvcl And Dot Notation - Using familiar dot notation for XVCL variables.
  • Xvcl And Interface Properties - Helper for an interface in Java.


  • Xvcl And Resource - Providing XVCL document as a resource.
  • Xvcl And Java - Basic Java components.
  • Xvcl And Build Xml - Generating build.xml with XVCL.
  • Xvcl And Rpm - Generating project.spec with XVCL.
  • Xvcl And Property - Set variables with a Java properties file.
  • Xvcl And Xml Property - Set variables from an XML document.
  • Xvcl And Function - Set variables from a function.
  • Xvcl And Jdom
  • Xvcl Frame Processor Architecture