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Package Audit: Beyond Jar Search

A Java package is distributed in many types of archives, such as deb, ear, RPM, tar, jar and war.

Search for a Java package

  • On your own computer, run an exhaustive search with Package Audit Ant Task.

  • In the Maven 2 repository.
    • Found a jar? Download it now.

  • In RPMs from Fedora Core 9.
    • Found a jar? Use yum to download the RPM and install the jar.

  • In RPMs from JPackage Project.
    • Found a jar? Use yum to download the RPM and install the jar. Or download it now.

  • In Debian GNU/Linux.
    • Found a jar? Use aptget to download the deb and install the jar.

About our solution

Package Audit is an open source and free license (GPL) product. It is a dynamic web application. It displays information collected by Package Audit Scan Command.

Search the following collections:


cjos-packageaudit-1.0-34.5 is available for immediate download.

Using Package Audit with Ant


  • Package Audit Project
  • Package Audit
  • Package Audit Scan And Creating Plugin - Creating a plug-in for Package Audit Scan program.
  • Package Audit Database Design - Package Audit connects to any JDBC-compatible database.
  • Package Audit Ant Task
  • Package Audit Results
  • Packages And Giant Java Tree
  • Package Audit And Cjos
  • Package Audit And Linux
  • Package Audit And Mini Server
  • Package Audit And Mysql
  • Package Audit Directory Ant Task
  • Package Audit Jar Ant Task
  • Package Audit Rpm Ant Task
  • Package Audit Web Ant Task
  • Package Audit Yum Ant Task
  • Package Audit Scan Command
  • Package Audit And Scan Program
  • Rpm Cjos Package Audit
  • Smart Ar


 Product      : Package Audit
 Installation : CjOS Project @
 Language     : Java, XHTML, JSP
 IDE          : Eclipse Ganymede
 CVS Module   : projects/packageaudit-eclipse
 Generated By : XVCL @ - XVCL Processor 2.07 (1j)
 SPC Location : projects/packageaudit-eclipse/module/source
 Built By     : Release Frame 

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