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Article contributed by Gilbert Herschberger (30 November 2007).

Book Review

Stanislaw Jarzabek Effective Software Maintenance and Evolution - A Reused-Based Approach Auerbach Publications, Taylor & Francis Group

 ISBN-10: 0-8493-3592-2 (alk. paper)
 ISBN-13: 987-0-8493-3592-1 (alk. paper)


Stanislaw Jarzabek presents compelling evidence that a highly productive programmer needs to perform a query against existing source code. In Part I, he describes a search engine and specifies how to build it.

In Part II, he presents the XVCL Processor.

Search engine

Likely, someone has already written the same or similar code. How will you find it? Give a search engine to a programmer. Enable a programmer to search an internal collection of source code and documentation. Enable a programmer to search a very large collection of open source code and documentation.

When given a keyword, a search engine component quickly searches an index and produces a list of documents.

  • A related component parses a document and creates (updates) an index of key words.

We can apply this approach to source code, documents of programming language.

Would you like to buy a search engine instead of building it? For more information, see also Search Engine Pages.

XVCL Processor

Stop writing source code by hand. Give every programmer an XVCL Processor. Enable a programmer to assemble source code from an existing x-framework.

Build an x-framework from production quality source code. Using a subject matter expert and a search engine, build a high quality x-framework from your internal collection of source code and documentation.

Expand your support for multiple platforms. Be flexible when new features are added to a programming language.