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XVCL Manual: Writing with XVCL


This manual illustrates how to use XVCL Processor, how it works and how to extend it.

  • Introduce x-frames into a traditional development environment.
  • Recommend x-frames.
  • Designing an x-framework.
  • Designing for multiple platforms.
    • Java 1.0
    • Java 1.1
    • Java 1.2
    • Java 1.3
    • Java 1.4
    • Java 5.0
    • Java 6.0
    • Future Java

  • Integrating xmlbind into an x-framework.

Chapter 1: Getting Started

In Xvcl Getting Started, a strong case is made to start using XVCL Processor in the middle of a traditional development environment. Compare writing code by hand and writing code by preprocessor and writing code by XVCL.

Chapter 2: Using XVCL Processor

In Xvcl Using Processor, step-by-step procedures illustrate how to use XVCL Processor

  • With Eclipse 3.2, and
  • With Apache Ant, and
  • Java API

Chapter 3: Designing an x-framework

In Xvcl Design Framework, develop a x-framework for Java programming.

Chapter 4: Designing for multiple platforms

In Xvcl Design Platform, provide specific solutions for working with different versions of the Java programming language.

Chapter 5: Extending XVCL Processor

In Xvcl Extending, create additional XVCL commands.

Chapter 6: Future

In Xvcl Future, make a proposal for changing the unforked XVCL Processor.

Reference: XVCL Variables

In Xvcl Variables, we demonstrate how to use XVCL variables and system variables.

Reference: XVCL Commands

In Xvcl Commands, we demonstrate how to use each XVCL command available.

About the author

Gilbert Herschberger is a software architect and technical writer. He writes open source and other software with XVCL.